Aurora Pacific Economic Zone Strategy Hinges on Developing Industries

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Gateway to the pacific

The Aurora EcoZone is the green economic zone situated along the Pacific Northeast seaboard. Operating as the "Gateway", it serves as solution to countries located and near the Pacific region in lessening the challenges paves by long distance travel such as fuel and labor expenses. Its strategic location permits navigation to the Pacific Region and serves as a critical entry point for neighboring countries; thereby an ideal base business.

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Green Urbanism

Different industries with the Ecozone will exert a collaborative effort to favor safe, resource-efficient raw material consumption practices. By implementing programs that are pro-environment, development of industries can be attained without harmfully impacting our natural resources.

Green Energy

It is the first to utilize a Solar Power as one of the main resources of electricity. It utilizes a renewable energy source that is cleaner, cheaper, more efficient and sustainable.

Green Technology

Green Technology is the application of concepts featured in modern production techniques and environmental science. This approach helps observe nature resources and lessen the negative effect of anthropogenic or human involvement in nature.

Green Architecture

The construction of infrastructures within the zone conforms to current practices in green architecture. Such architectural practices make use of energy-efficient and eco-friendly designs as a way of marketing a lifestyle that is fully aware of the need to moderate the use of finite resources such as raw materials, energy and space.

Green Sustaining Development Communication

The Aurora Ecozone is a word-class business community that promotes sustainable development through various projects and implementations. It takes pride in elating business concepts and facilities to greater heights.