Message from the President & CEO





Welcome to Aurora Pacific Economic Zone (APECO)!


The vision of the authors of the law that created APECO is to convert this part of Aurora Province into a bustling economic zone that shall provide employment to the people of Aurora and nearby provinces ultimately becoming a positive economic growth contributor to the nation. This has been our guiding light. This has been the direction that we are threading.



APECO is proud to be the first ecozone fronting the Pacific side of the country with the Philippine Rise not far away. Its location provides a great chance to develop the Pacific Northeast Seaboard as a gateway to the Pacific Region tapping into the opportunities from the neighboring countries.


Faced with this immense challenge and tremendous opportunity, we took it upon ourselves to boldly articulate our mission:  We establish competitive measures that will effectively attract legitimate and productive investments. We generate employment for the people of Aurora Province, including the Indigenous People, and neighboring provinces particularly in the rural areas, increasing their productivity and their individual and family income, and thereby improving the level and quality of their living conditions.


The sustained interest from prospective locators we are getting is indeed very encouraging. This does not only provide our people added motivation to work for the betterment of the agency, but more importantly, it also validates the trust and confidence given to us by our current locators.


For those who have taken chances with us and remained committed to building lasting economic relations with us, we sincerely thank you. For all the prospective locators, we gladly welcome you with our renowned hospitality and assure you that the success of your venture is both our interest.


For all our stakeholders, you have assurance that APECO shall continue to dutifully implement policies set forth by the board, consistent with its mandate of attracting investors that would bring about revenues to the country and create employment opportunities for the people of Aurora.


God bless us all.