First Issuance of APECO Visa with Bureau of Immigration ACR I-Card

October 18, 2019

Pursuant to Bureau of Immigration (BI)–APECO Supplemental Memorandum of Agreement (SMOA) and Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) 2019-001 which were published on 14 September 2019, APECO issued on Friday, 18 October 2019, its first batch of APECO Visa with BI Alien Certificate of Registration Identification Card (ACR I-Card).

The supplemental MOA and JMC provide that the BI recognizes the authority of APECO to receive and process applications and prescribe the supporting documents necessary for the issuance and grant of the following:

  1. APECO Special Resident Visa (ASRV);
  2. APECO Special Investor’s Visa (ASIV);
  3. APECO Working Visa (AWV);
  4. APECO Dependent’s Visa (ADV);
  5. APECO Special Work Permit (APECO-SWP);
  6. APECO Provisional Work Permit (APECO-PWP); and,
  7. APECO Alien Identity Card (AAIC)

The JMC 2019-01 also provides that BI may issue Single Entry Visa Upon Arrival (SEVUA) in favor of APECO’s prospective foreign investors upon compliance with the following requirements:

a. Letter request addressed to the Commissioner from the APECO-registered locator containing the following details of the applicant:

  1. Name as it appears in the valid passport;
  2. Place and date of birth and nationality;
  3. Passport number, place and date of issue, and validity;
  4. Residential address abroad and local address in the Philippines; and,
  5. Nature and purpose of visit

b. Endorsement letter from APECO;

c. Sworn Guarantee and Undertaking by the APECO-licensed locator;

d. Photocopy of applicant’s valid passport bio-page;

e. Applicant’s arrival flight information details; and,

f. Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate (BICC)


Under the SEVUA program, all visa required foreign nationals like Chinese, Indians and others will no longer be required to secure Temporary Visitors Visa with the Philippine Embassy/Consulate Office in the country of origin.

Subject to submission of BI Certificate of No Derogatory Record with attached proof of no pending preliminary investigation, APECO may convert a valid SEVUA (Single Entry Valid Upon Arrival) or Temporary Visitor’s Visa (TVV) to APECO visa.

APECO may also issue APECO Special Work Permit (ASWP) and APECO Provisional Work Permit (APWP) to holders of BI-issued SEVUA upon issuance of derogatory clearance from BI and upon compliance with the 01 May2019 DOLE, DOJ BI, BIR Joint Guidelines on the issuance of work and employment permits to foreigners.

Holders of APECO Special Resident Visa (ASRV) and APECO Special Investor’s Visa (ASIV) shall be accorded with multiple entry and exit and indefinite stay privileges in addition to other privileges under RA 9490 and RA 10083, while APECO Working Visa (AWV) may be valid for 1, 2 or 3 years. Should they wish to engage in gainful occupation while in the country, the ASRV and ASIV holders must secure Alien Employment Permits (AEP) with DOLE Regional Office that have jurisdiction over the company before engaging in such activity.

All visas issued by APECO shall be valid within and outside the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone.  Holders of APECO Special Investor’s Visa (ASIV), APECO Special Resident Visa (ASRV), APECO Working Visa (AWV), APECO Dependent Visa (ADV) shall be allowed multiple entry and exit privileges and shall be admitted into the country under the same terms and conditions as when they left and shall be exempted from Alien Certificate of Registration Identification Card (ACR-I Card), Re-entry Permits, Special Return Certificates (SRC), Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) and other types of clearances.